Integrated Remote Teams

Supporting your business

Supporting your clients

Supporting your teams




Customer Service

Teams of the amazing people, matched to your business and delivering service that your customers will love. Whether this is creating your first team dedicated to customer service or you are looking for a scalable solution to cover a growing area of pressure in your business. Our offices are open 24/7 and we offer can offer fully multilingual service.


Sales / Sales Support

Teams of inside sales people to help launch new products, make new sales to new customers or increase existing revenue streams. We can also create teams of lead generators and meeting bookers to support your field sales teams.


Researchers and analysts

Do you need market research, financial analysis or B2B lead lists building? We can provide well trained and professionally-qualified staff to manage your project. We also support UK based recruitment consultants with candidate sourcing, mapping out markets, managing LinkedIn mail communication. By managing the support workload they enable consultants to focus on the relationships that add the most value.



Integrated remote teams

Never lose control of your message and values. We ensure that the dedicated people who work for you are integrated into your business. They function as an extension of your core team. While the commercial relationship may be a a billing one the teams will be your members of staff.


Setup and mangement

We’ll support you fully in the setup of your process, from hiring, process design, technology and training or if you already have a your process refined we will help you to implement it with your new team. Our teams are based in Skopje in Macedonia. With flights being just over 3 hours from the UK and a one hour time difference they can easily work alongside your existing team.


Helping fast growing companies managing transition through experience

The founding team have extensive experience inside rapidly growing businesses. We understand the needs these business have and Talkr exists to provide a scalable plug in solution for these companies to manage their customer contact.



Ben Wyand

Having held various roles in startups and fast growing businesses, Ben has created teams of Salespeople, Customer Service and technical support both in the UK and abroad. Most recently for Coniq as we went through a period of extremely rapid growth we grew a customer service and integrated technical support team.


Ben Fletcher

Founder of the Fast Growth Events series, Ben is a sometime investor, mentor and speaker on the UK startup scene. Having built his own businesses he is very aware of the challenges that growth creates.


Martina Dimic-Spirovska

Martina is based in our office in central Skopje. Responsible for day to day operations and an expert in all aspects of remote working.